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Bovine Services

Herd Health

Pregnancy Checking

Semen Testing

Postmortem Exams


A healthy herd leads to a healthy business. We value the importance of a healthy herd. Herd health examinations, nutrition consultations, and vaccine program recommendations are key to this process. 

Pregnancy Checking: We use an ultrasound probe to provide reliable pregnancy detection. Not only does using an ultrasound make the process faster, it also improves accuracy, provides earlier detection, gives more fetus information, and is less invasive for your animals. 

Semen Testing:  Semen testing is one of the best ways to ensure you have a successful breeding season. This gives you confidence during your breeding season - you bet your bull on it! Semen testing, checking, and counts are all done on farm with same day results. 

Postmortem Examinations: Postmortem examinations give you a proactive approach by  helping determine the cause of death before an outbreak occurs. Should there be an infectious cause, this can help determine the cause and treatment before more animals are lost.  

Surgeries: Castrations, dehorning, water bellies, RDA/LDA, eye enuculations, prolapses, cesareans, etc.. can be done in clinic or on farm.

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