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Parasite Control


Nail Trimming


We value the health and happiness of your dog or cat like our own. We strive to provide the best service to maintain the health of your furry friends.

Vaccines: It's often a lot easier to prevent diseases and infections than to treat them.  We provide vaccinations, tick medication, and deworming medication to help keep you pet healthy. 

Microchipping: Microchipping increases the chance that a pet will be returned to you in the unfortunate chance of separation. 

Nail Trimming: Regular nail trims can prevent complications, infections, and damage to your floors and furniture. 

Nutrition: Different animals and breeds have varying nutritional requirements to optimize their health. We offer nutrition consultations to personalize your pet's diet. 

Procedures and Sugeries



General Surgeries

Our clinic is equipped with two surgery rooms - one for sterile surgeries and one for dentals. We have state of the art monitoring equipment to keep a close eye on your loved ones while under anaesthesia. Our dental suite houses a brand new dental X-Ray. 

We are ready to meet your surgery and procedure needs!

Disease Diagnosis and Management

In House Lab Work & Diagnostics



We can use tests to help monitor health diagnose in a timely manor. 

Laboratory Diagnostics: We have brand new lab machines to help us monitor liver function, kidney function, electrolytes, thyroid function, and more! This is crucial to monitor the function of vital organs and to have early diagnosis of diseases. We also work with the pathologists at Prairie Diagnostic Services at the University of Saskatchewan to have timely and accurate blood work done for any additional tests requires. 

X-Ray: Our clinic has a general X-Ray, a dental X-Ray, and an ultrasound so we can see your animal from all angles.

Emergency Care

On Call Services

Emergency Procedures

Some injuries and illnesses require immediate attention. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, we strive to provide you with timely, quality care. We provide an array of in house diagnostics including blood analysis, X-Ray, and ultrasound.


For after hours emergencies please call 306-831-9222

Signs of an emergency:

- Excessive vomiting or diarrhea

- Pale gums

- Seizures

- Bleeding that will not stop

- Ingestion of anything toxic

- Sudden weakness or change in gait

- Abnormal or concerning behaviour

End of Life Care

Euthanasia &


End of life care decisions are never easy to make. Some things to consider are:

- Quality of Life 

- Treatment Options

- Support

Our euthanasia services aim to help keep you and your pet as comfortable. There is no time limit on these appointments. We are open to special requests to keep your loved one more comfortable.

We use Passing Paws Aquamation Services to provide after care options.

Please contact us for any questions or support during this difficult process. 

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